About refined

Refined is a bespoke sanctuary in Liverpool, bridging the gap between beauty and medical tattooing. Laura McCann, originally trading as Laura Jacqueline Brows, brought this venture to life. From West Sussex, where Laura lived, trained, and began her journey, she infuses passion and precision into every stroke, enhancing natural beauty.

Here, semi-permanent makeup is an art, meticulously curated to offer a fuller, more voluminous look. The advanced treatment of cosmetic tattooing delicately infuses pigment into the skin, creating realistic eyebrows that soften and fade over time, lasting 1-3 years.

Your Journey to Refinement

Your journey at Refined starts with a pre-consultation, mapping out the desired outcome and selecting the pigment colours that best suit your skin. The treatment, lasting 2-3 hours, includes numbing cream application, ensuring comfort. The benefits are manifold - from confidence-boosting, time-saving, natural results, to smudge-proof eyebrows that frame your face, taking years off!

Safety & Suitability

Safety is paramount at Refined. A pre-treatment form ensures eligibility, as certain conditions or medications may affect the treatment’s retention and longevity. From age restrictions to skin conditions, we take every precaution to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Preparation & Aftercare

Preparation is key. Avoiding certain activities and substances, such as tanning, facial peels, botox, Vitamin A/Retinol products, aspirin, alcohol, and coffee, is crucial for the treatment’s success. With a comprehensive aftercare regime, the semi-permanent makeup’s durability and appearance are maintained.

Innovations & New Treatments

In a rapidly evolving industry, Refined stays ahead, introducing new treatments and innovations, ensuring each client receives bespoke care and fulfilling results. We offer a diverse array of services, from Semi-Permanent Hairstroke Brows to Reverse Removal, tailoring each treatment to your unique needs and desires.

Discover Refined

Discover the blend of beauty and paramedical tattooing at Refined. With Laura McCann’s dedication, artistry, and innovative approach, every client is cherished, and every treatment is a masterpiece. Join us on your journey to refinement, where beauty is personal, perfection is bespoke, and refinement is a way of life.

Goodlass House, Goodlass Road, Speke, Liverpool, L24 9HJ

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